Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First post, day 1.

So, who am I, and why a blog about carving? Glad you asked me that.

I am Steven Ramsdell, a Maine based carving nut. I have other hobbies too, but a passion for carving things indeed.

I was raised by a woodcarver, and I learned the basics at a young age. As a young man, I learned how to handle sharp knives, stain wood, and how to put on a nice finish. Years later, I found myself revisiting my art roots at a great local art college. I am a pro photographer, too, so a blog just seemed like a great fit. Great fit for what? For detailing good carving techniques, that's what!

I plan on using my video, audio, and camera skills to detail just how I go about carving wood and stone, and from start to finish! Safety is no accident, and I am a stickler for safety. My videos and posts will cover all areas of safety, from toxic dust, avoiding cuts, and avoiding hazardous fumes. I will show you how I like to keep my knives sharp, which tools I prefer to use, and why it is that I do the things that I do. I have lots of great ideas, tips, and knowledge to share with you, and a blog setting seems like just the place to do that.

Please, feel free to subscribe right now, and follow this blog right from the start. It only takes a second! You might not want to miss a single idea, tip, or post.

It seems funny to start at the end, but I will be posting about sighing our work, first. Right now, as you read this post, I am working on a post that details how to sign your masterpiece, and why we should all be signing our works. This is a very important thing that we all need to do each and every time we make something. Why? Subscribe today, and let the web bring you the answer! Thanks for finding me, and my blog!

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