Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sculpture, work day #2

Day two, of working the alabaster stone, was a success. I found out what was hiding inside of one of the two pieces of alabaster, and then started to "rough it out". I know that if I post each and every day that I sculpt, well, it would get old fast!
However, I get excited when I figure out what is hiding inside a block of wood or a hunk of rock. I envisioned a music note, with a staff and a flag, hiding right in the alabaster. This is not your average music note though, not by a mile.
The major difference with my music note is that it will be "moving". Let me explain...
As a youngster, I read a lot of comic books. I enjoyed figuring out what made a figure move, or "have movement". You could look at a cartoon figure and tell if they were moving an arm or leg, and then again you could tell if they were stationary. The illustrators used marks like lines, quotes, and even color to make things appear to "have action". They also used straight lines and little dust clouds. None of these techniques will work in my case, though, but I have another idea.
I plan on using a slope in a staff, a steady drop off in roundness of the base, and a wave in the flag to add a sense of movement to my music note. The image below is just a rough sketch, but you can see how the base is not round. You can see the staff is not straight, but it is sloped. Lastly, the flag will be waving, just to top off the whole movement idea.
I will keep you posted as I remove the stone away, and as the music note comes into view.

Thanks for following along!

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