Thursday, December 27, 2012

5 tools every carver/sculpter should own.

Hello, and thanks for stopping by Carving by hand. I am thankful that I have folks stopping by to check my progress, and see what I am up to.

With Christmas over for the year, I just wanted to reflect on just which tools I am most happy that I own. Which tools do I use the most, and which do I feel has helped me the most? Well, lets take a look, and see what I might recommend.
The first tool on the list, hands down, is the Dremel tool. I use mine all over the house, all over the yard, and on every hobbie I have going. You just do not know how badly you need a Dremel tool until you get one! I have done the most impossible fixes with my Dremel tool, and it has not ever let me down. With my Dremel I cut, polish, clean, sand, carve, and well, you name it!

The second on my short list is another handy tool indeed. The cordless drill. It seems that not a day goes by that I tackle a chore, cordless drill in hand. I hang prints and photos, shelves, work on the car, put stuff like toys together, fix old stripped drill holes, and the list of great chores and fixes is endless. I love my Makita cordless drill, and it was the first tool I purchased once I started out on my own!
Third, fourth, and fifth on my list are products that help with organization, protection,  and safety.

Third on the list is a cheap item that pays back in tool protection and organization time and time again. The canvas tool roll up. I cant say enough good about these little handy items, besides I love them!

Fourth on todays list is a great pair of safety glasses. I know, it seems as if I preach at times, but we only have two eyes. We do not get any more. We need to wear safety glasses. I know a guy back home in Maine that got some metal in his eye as he was driving with the window down. That changed his life, and mine too. We both wear glasses of some sort (sun glasses or safety glasses) when we drive, work, or play.

Fifth place, and no less important to me, is a way to not cut off your digits. I know how bad that can hurt, and slow down production. We keep our knives and tools sharp, so we need to protect our hands from stray over cuts. There is a small piece of thumb, still in the state of Florida that wishes I was wearing cut proof gloves. Here are the ones that I like. Are your hands worth 14 bucks? I bet you just said they are!

Thanks for stopping by, and if my 14 month old son lets me get some stuff done, I will be posting soon with some new carving images!

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